3D projection mapping

Everyone involved to media business knows that 3d mapping is one of the trendy content in an event plan layout. 3d mapping projection is the visit card of an important corporate or private event. We loved experiments in media and that why immediately added the interior 3d mapping projection service to the portfolio. We offering unique projection solutions and prefer to issue a layouts fast and accurate. We have tons of projection equipment,floor projection solutions in our and partners warehouses .Fell free to contact us in case any brief by email : boris@mamedia.eu.com.

Short video from one of our massive works. Buta Palace/ June 28,2013.Private event.

Equipment : 13 x Panasonic 18K ; 3 x Barco 22K .

Approx weight : 5 ton

3D projection mapping, Buta palace 2 NOV 2013 -private event

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