Being a supporter of innovations in the music industry Mamedia group has succeeded in some production and collaboration projects. These include the gig of Arash in Baku December 7, 2008 and the idea and developing of his partisipation  in the Eurovision Song Contest from Azerbaijan in 2009. The duo of Arash and Aysel racked up 207 points in the Eurovision song contest 2009 and won 3rd place. The song became top hit in some countries and chalked up more than any other Eurovosion team from Azerbaijan ever : More than 14 millions views on Youtube !We are the hitmakers !

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David Vendetta 

“I’m your Goddess” – is the famous project of Mamedia ,collaboration of DJ/producer David Vendetta and mugham superstar Alim Gasimov. We offered David to collaboration with  Alim and he accepted this offer,Boris Abdul says (CEO,Mamedia). A few months later studio recordings and arrangements had been released  a new album "Vendetta" of David Vendetta.The "I'm your goddess"track featuring Alim Gasimov and Tara MacDonalds realized in this album at no.4. The song exploded the top charts on the famous music channels in Middle East,Caucasus and Asia in 2010,DJ's touring over these parts of the world including the track in their playlist for sure.

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