Roya "Sinless sin" music video release

Roya’s new music video “Sinless sin” has launched today at the famous azeri tv channel – ATV.

Luc Besson’s  “Taxi” series movie star Samy Naceri has played a taxi driver again in this music video.

The presentation in a live TV channel was dedicated to the birthday of the singer (Roya) : Samy Naceri  (actor,France), Charly Clodion (director,France), Geraldo R.(producer,France), Boris Abdul (project manager,Mamedia) were at the live studio. This project has generated significant resonance in Azerbaijani media ,about 40k users (wow) viewed the music video on the internet for the first 10 hours after launching.

The music video filmed by famous director Charly Clodion (France), known to audience in Azerbaijan and Turkey by his video fro the David Vendetta’s  “I’m your goddess” Ultra music ( performed by Tara Macdonald and Alim Gasimov) in 2010 . The clip producer is Kenan Bayramov, original script by Kenan Bayramov and Boris Abdul co-producer (Mamedia). This music video project was released/filmed by Mamedia. Actually, this is the first time music video /film project  in Azerbaijan filmed with worldwide actor in cast. Generally speaking,,Mamedia was a pioneer in the release of the local azeri music collaboration with the worldwide musicians.(“I’m your goddess”,David Vendetta,Tara macdonald,Alim Gasimov,Ultra music,2010)

Storyline Roya “Sinless sin” :  A young azeri girl (Roya) arrives to Paris by the invitation of her lover - a pianist (Nicolas Quinten) .She has to be in a solo piano concert which will be held in the famous Olympia in Paris. On the way from the airport to the hotel taxi driver (Samy Naceri) offers to make a tour of Paris as it was the first time there. The taxi driver and Roya expressed a mutual sympathy and flirts. After the concert is finished  Roya came out arm in arm with her lover ,pianist (Nicolas Quinten). The heroine of the film is not even paying attention to the taxi driver who was waiting outside with a flower in hand. Sitting in his own car the couple disappears into the wilds of the Parisian streets.Whether she is guilty in his flirtation with a taxi driver who was indifferent to her ? “ Sinless sin” – is the name of the song.

Backstage video, April 2013, Paris, France

Roya – Gunahsiz Gunahim
            Music: Naila Mirmammadli
           Lyrics: Nurlan
Actor taxi: Samy Naseri
Actor piano: Nicolas Quinten
Director: Charly Clodion
Assistant of director: Rudy Telcide
Director of photography: Benjamin Ramalho
Camera: Romain Vincent
Assistant camera: Etienne Buruy
Steadycam: Wilfried de Sousa
Stylist: Sophie Soga
Make up: Anar Malikov
General manager: Kenan Bayramov
Project manager: Boris Abdull (Mamedia)


14 JUNE 2013

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