You’ve got to hand it to Tomcraft. After scoring one of the biggest club crossover hits of all time with the classic Loneliness in 2002 (UK Number 1, Germany Top 10 and huge sales the world over), he could have gone the easy sell-out route and churned out decreasingly respectable pop smashes. But instead, he relished the track’s success and the popularity that it afforded him and chose to return to the less mainstream side of dance music, creating one of the most popular and acclaimed electronic labels in the world in the form of Great Stuff Recordings in 2003 and continuing to produce quality music throughout the following years.

He released several big club smashes, including Prozac and Overdose, with regular releases ensuring his name remained in the collective consciousness and an impressive 4 artist albums released across the space of 6 years showing that he was no mere 12” artist.

Naturally his DJ career exploded upon the mega-success of that single, with highlights over the years including playing to 1.3 million people at Berlin’s Love Parade, Japan’s famous Fujirock Festival, major festivals in Brazil, and some of the coolest clubs in Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Rio, Cape Town, San Francisco, all over Europe, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, the UK and Russia (where he remains a regular fixture). His sound has morphed over the years from trance into electro house and since 2007 into a balance of those influences with a progressive house backbone, returning to the melodic sound that he came from originally.

Career Highlights

- Producer of the worldwide club hit „Loneliness“ (UK Number 1, Germany Top 10 and huge sales the world over)

- 4 albums + more then 150 releases incl. 12 singles with chart entry

- Played beneath others at Loveparade Berlin (DE), Fujirock Festival (JP), Ruhr in Love (DE), Worldwide tours at Brazil, Asia, USA, Africa, Russia and Europe.

- Coops with Xavier Naidoo, Jimmy Pop (Bloodhound Gang), Sido, Republica, Samuel L. Jackson, GusGus, Tommie Sunshine, Sonique

- Remixed for Dave Gahan, Simple Minds, Petshop Boys, Bloodhound Gang, Schiller, and many others

- Own labels: Great Stuff and Craft Music with artists like Lutzenkirchen, Umek, Ramon Tapia, Gregor Tresher, GusGus, Christian Cambas, Swoop aka Stephan Bodzin, Pleasurekraft, Tim Healey, John Acquaviva, JCA, Mason, Spartaque, Hertz, ...







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